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Death Metal Chahan (Music Video)



THE AZUKIWASHERS Left to right: Shun Nakata (Ba), Kenta Mizutani (Gt), Yu Sawada (Vo, Gt), Keita Shinbo (Dr)


Do you know THE OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL J-POP band: THE AZUKIWASHERS? They formed in 2009 and released the 1st album “Inonci” in 2016. And toured in USA twice with their sure performance levels in 2014 and 2016.

Azuki has 2 perfectly different music styles at super speed progressions in a song. Aggressions of the old school death metal represented by Obituary and Morbid Angel, plus, catchy / traditional melodies like Boston. You can also get nostalgic feelings on your local popular songs.

We got the interview on their band biographies and the new single “Death Metal Chahan”.

―Firstly, could you please tell me your band biographies concisely?

Kenta Mizutani (Kenta / Gt) : We formed in 2009. At that time, we started with Yu on guitars and vocals, Keita on drums, me on guitars and Moja on bass guitars. He suddenly had gone to anywhere though.

Yu Sawada (Yu / Vo, Gt) : Probably he might have gone abroad anyway?

Keita Shinbo (Keita / Dr) : Half of Yu might be India and 90% of Kenta can be Vietnam. This band possibly might be connected abroad.

Kenta : On our very first stage we called ☆ZEUS☆ ourselves, however, ☆ doesn’t match on any search engines so we had to change our name. The time could be when we had hamburgers in Shimokitazawa.

Yu : Eating McDonald's at a street stall.

Keita : There is a song called “Hakubutsukan: Museum of putrefied rancid azuki washer” in our 1st album “Inonci” though, Azuki-washer suddenly came up with me while I was having double-cheese burgers at the street style.

Kenta : The time our current bass player: Shun joined, was after we changed our name THE AZUKIWASHERS from ☆ZEUS☆. Toured in the US was also after we changed our name. Although I had no idea why Moja was playing fretless bass guitars in us, Shun was playing Stingray. At that time I was just delighted his hardcore bass guitar sounds.

Shun Nakata (Shun / Ba) : Still I have a clear memory when I had joined our first rehearsal. I heard unbelievable loud sound even from outside of the rehearsal room so I had to open the door fearfully. A guitar guy like Yokai a kind of ghost in Japan just said “welcome”. I doubted my eyes and ears.

Kenta : That time I loved to use Rocktron Velocity 300. It has surely super explosion sound at 300W powers. Off course I had always set it at maximum volume to destroy everything.

Yu : Kenta must be music instrument crazy as you may know right now. Mostly I have no idea at his sayings though, qualities of shred guitars and chahan must be sure.


Kenta and Azuki shredded it at Super Happy Fun Land in Houston, Texas.

―So it’s time to ask the release of “DEATH METAL CHAHAN” this time.

Yu : Half of the stories are real and remaining ones are fictions on the song. Micchan: Kenta’s chahan was super delicious was a real story.

Read the lyrics of “Death Metal Chahan”

Kenta : Yu and me were belonging on the same band club and that was… There was a kind of crazy regular contest that one person covers more than 40 songs. It was the time going back to my home suddenly I wanted to have chahan. So I involved a man in there.

Yu : Actually Kenta forced me eat his food multiple times… After that I tried to reproduce the tastes but eventually failed. I had totally no idea. Just no idea why kind of “buzz saw” sounds from Swedish death metal! You know?

Keita : Yu is super death metal crazy and plays blast beats faster than me! Surely I had practiced again and again until my muscles said “brrr!”. Oh yeah I’m sorry man.

Shun : This band can be a bit crazy sometimes… We get a rehearsal from early morning until our arms burnt at the end of week, in addition, having kept recording by the 5 string exploded of my bass guitar. USA tour was also like that. It’s said that triple show challenge that forcefully put 3 shows in 1 night, after that we just held a party until the morning huh?

Keita : I had played in a band with Shun. Suddenly Kenta grabbed our final show to say “Don’t miss that guy”. Honestly I had a piece of opinion he must be crazy and worried unmatch of music styles between Shun and Azuki. But it could be a right decision that Shun must be matching Azuki characteristics nowadays. Don’t you think so guys?

Kenta : Totally agree and we must be Banzoku: Barbarian.

Yu : Our rhythm parties always will discuss burgers and cheese while in tours bro.

Rhythm burger

The rhythm team and bugers in USA.

―OK. I've understood you guys are really crazy at foods. Is it no problem to get music stories?

Kenta : In almost all the songs of THE AZUKIWASHERS are mostly having completed at the demos of Yu. “Death Metal Chahan” is the same though, it was just a little bit special this time. Suddenly a song in ☆ZEUS☆ eras had got remake and become modern arranges.

Yu : In fact, I had played in a band: Juke Box in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan. The original shape was from that time. Actually nostalgic because I was a drum player and had covered Hi-STANDARD songs. I got a first gig at the venue that GLAY: one of the best Japanese rock bands firstly played at.

Kenta : Certainly the song is like a melodic punk. Strange chords and death metal riffs that everybody loves will come though.

Keita : The music video is awesome, you know? Because the director of the video is me.

Kenta : At the previous video: “Jungle de Uejini: Starving in the Jungle” might be the same. Who generated our name of THE AZUKIWASHERS was Keita. So he can be an important factor of us today.

Shun : But today Keita might be long silence at Hasumi (*1), therefore, stamina can become worse bro?

Keita : No way. I regularly get there, right? Hasimi is a kind of god with me.

*1 Hasumi: In a popular and small shop, they offer extra thick noodles ramen with thick chopped pork and topped a pile of vegetables. There is also a dip noodle. Stores are in Noborito, Tama, Kanagawa pref., and Shinmachi, Setagaya, Tokyo.



Jungle de Uejini (Music Video)

―Great. Finally I’d like to ask your schedules from now on.

Kenta : “Death Metal Chahan” is one of our releases this year. So there should be next ones. We’d love you guys to expect them.

Yu : Also we will get a tour again.

Shun : For the US to have hamburgers.

Keita : Cheese is justice!

Kenta : Off course we’d love to get a tour for the US though, today I’m also crazy at asian regions. There are some cities to go: Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City. All of them are loud and filled with full energies.

Yu : In Japan, we have a show in Tokyo in this autumn. We’re looking forward to see guys on the venue soon. STAY METAL FOREVER!

―Again, we’re gonna introduce you the music clip of “Death Metal Chahan” and its lyrics here. Check it out right now!

Death Metal Chahan (Music Video)

If you get Micchan’s house to hangout.

I don’t know why but chahan come out.

Because the chahan is delicious so I asked how to make it.

Bought rice, cooked and fried it.

The finished product is... Worse than leftover.

No, no, I can not eat.

I can not eat well, I can not eat at all.

Death metal chahan.

Then Micchan come to my home.

So let Micchan eats death metal chahan.

It looks bad but try eating.

Let cheat Michan eats chahan.

Bought rice, cooked and fried it.

The food is from a hell... Worse than leftovers

No, no, I can not eat.

I can not eat well, I can not eat at all.

Death metal chahan.

Bought rice, cooked and fried it.

The finished product is... Worse than leftover.

No, no, I can not eat.

I can not eat well, I can not eat at all.

Death metal chahan.

I can't eat at all, Micchan also can't eat at all.

Death metal chahan.





Literally it’s time to revival of Metal Justice - Their styles are covering music histories from 1970-201X like a dreaming time machine for the crazies. Kaleidoscope singings and guttural voices will destroy your imagination might have in a saturated loud music scene. Ultra fast double pedals, slapping like a storm and shred licks are ready for you kids falling into the love 80’s, plus, you’ll be faced with warm melodies you had been listened to in your childhood. They must be a kind of roller coaster running on a rail illustrating music histories, however, originated with old-school DEATH METAL though. Welcome to our museum. The Azukiwashers will light your fuse again!

2016.02.241st album [Inonci] Released.
2016.01.06Tour in Texas, Arkansas as their 2nd USA tour.
2014.01.132nd EP [THE AZUKIWASHERS] Released.
2014.01.06Tour in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma as their 1st USA tour.
2014.01.01Show in SAN ANTONIO NEW YEARS DAY PUNKFEST 2014 with YOUTH BRIGADE(CA) and Lower Class Brats(TX).
2013.07.17Show with Giant Battle Monster(TX) in Tokyo, Japan.
2012.11.18Show with RED NOVA(SWE) in Tokyo, Japan.
2011.09.091st EP [toykikkik] Released.
2010.02.201st DEMO [Syukyo-saiban] Released.


Recorded at Recording Studio GOATEE

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Hiroshi Omoto (VIGILANTE, VeroCity Effects Pedals)

Drum Tech: Tomohisa Q Nakazato (FlatLandCoil, Drum’n People)

Photography: Sekine Fleming (@skn0530)